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The information in this page is for crews who will be supplying their own Support Boat
Maritime NZ

Maritime NZ is now actively involved in the Events Water Safety Plan. Maritime NZ Officers will be conducting random saftey checks on all Support Boats on Saturday morning. All Support Boats must meet the minimum requirements below. If Maritime NZ find that your support boat does not meet the minimum requirements, your suppot boat will not be allow to participate in the Event and your crew will have to withdraw from the race.

It is imperative that your support boat meets the minimum requirements. 


Minimum Requirements for a Support Boat


The following criterion is in compliance with the rules set by the Takapuna Beach Cup organisers and must be followed. Support boats will be randomly inspected by a Maritime NZ officer on Saturday morning and those not meeting the criteria will be forced to resign as Support Boat.


  • Vessels must be a minimum of 5m in length 
  • Vessels must be seaworthy and have a minimum carrying capacity of 5 people and must be able to safely carry all team paddlers and support boat crew members.
  • Vessels must be fully fuelled and mechanically sound
  • Vessels must be equipped with all safety gear, including personal flotation devices for ALL passengers, a first aid kit, bailing equipment, flares, VHF Radio, boarding ladder and oars.
  • All Operators must be aware of and comply with all applicable Water Safety Regulations and Requirements
  • All Operators must be aware of and comply with all of the Events Official Race Rules.
  • All Support Boats must have a competent operator.


Support Boat Information


We will need the following information on your support boat. This information needs to be in no later than the 10th February 2019 along with your entry. Please note this information is a requirement of Maritime NZ and must be supplied to the Event Manager 

  • Skippers Name
  • Skippers Email 
  • Skippers Mobile
  • Boat Type
  • Boat Name
  • Boat Age
  • Boat Size
  • Engine Type
  • Engine Age
  • VHF Call sign
  • Passenger capacity

Click here to fill out the Support Boat Information form and please send this to


  • All support boats must be equipped with two-way VHF radio. Any entry without proper two-way communication will not be allowed to participate.
  • We will also ask for the skippers mobile number as a back up.
  • The appropriate emergency channel for communication will be advised in the Support Boat Briefing.


Support Boat Briefing & Waiver


  • Prior to the race All Support Boat drivers will be sent the Support Boat Briefing and a Support Boat Waiver form. Please ensure the Support Boat Operators read and understand these documents. Support boat briefing CLICK HERE for 2018 briefing,  updated briefing will be circulated prior to 2019 event
  • On the morning of the race All Support Boat drivers are to sign in at the Support Boat tent set up on the beach in between boat ramp and clubrooms. At the tent you will be required to supply your signed waiver form if not already received and will be briefed on any further information required for the race.
  • Click here for Support Boat Waiver


Support Boat Race Requirements & Etiquette


  • Support boats are to proceed to the first change over point 15 mins before the Race start and wait on the South West side of the designated 1st change Buoy.
  • All changeovers must be made from the water. No support boats within 20m of any canoe, except during an emergency.
  • Towing of canoes is not permitted, except during an emergency
  • Support craft MUST NOT reverse up to paddlers in the water. 
  • All support craft must have their MOTOR TURNED OFF when picking up paddlers. 
  • First changeover point for canoes will be after passing the designated Buoy. 
  • Further changes will be at the discretion of the crew.
  • Support Vessels MAY NOT use megaphones or loud hailers for any purpose whatsoever, except in the case of an emergency.
  • Support Boat Drivers have absolute discretion as to where they will manoeuvre their vessels when making changeovers.
  • Any impedance of a canoe by any means (eg. Wash or causing of canoe to alter course) by a support boat will result in either a time penalty or disqualification being applied to the support boats canoe at the discretion of the Race Director. 


Race Officials have the power to act and disqualify any crew whose actions, be it in their canoe or support craft, and do not regard the safety of their own members or other competing crews, or whose support craft does not meet the following criteria.


Launching & Anchoring


  • Support Boats may be launched from Takapuna Boat ramp and we also recommend that support boats launch from Bayswater.


  • There is a submarine cable buried under the sand at Takapuna Beach
  • There is to be NO ANCHORING of support boats at Takapuna Beach refer to briefing for instructions on anchoring.
  • All support boats shall comply with the Government Regulation “Submarine Cables and Pipelines Protection Act 1996”


Alternate Race Course


  • If the forecasted weather conditions make the race unsafe, an alternate course will be used. If in doubt about conditions, contact the Race Director Lara Collins 0275 484 612


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